Django WP Admin

WordPress look and feel for Django administration panel.


  • WordPress look and feel
  • New styles for selector, calendar and timepicker widgets
  • More responsive (admin panel should look fine and be usable on displays with minimum 360px width)
  • Editable top menu
  • Optional fully configurable left menu
  • Left menu can be pinned (fixed CSS position) or unpinned and collapsed or expanded
  • Awesome Font Awesome icons supported in both menus
  • Multiple AdminSite’s support with possibility to have different menus, colors and titles for each one
  • 7 additional color themes included
  • Collapsible fieldsets can be opened by default


Try test_project here or download django-wpadmin from GitHub and run it on your own machine. test_project contains SQLite database file with prepopulated sample data.


  • Install django-wpadmin from PyPI:

    pip install django-wpadmin
  • Or from GitHub:

    pip install git+



Please create an issue on GitHub if you have any problems or requests.


Python code is based on django-admin-tools app.

WordPress look and feel is of course inspired by WordPress.

Included icons comes from Font Awesome.